Distribution of blankets among employees

The winter of 2017-18 was one of the coldest winters in the last 50 years of Bangladesh. During this harsh winter, the management of Total Group decided to step in and distribute blankets among all its employees both in its manufacturing plants and as well all of it real estate projects.

Hand in Hand with the Savar CRP

Savar CRP has always been one of the most esteemed organisations that is linked with charity work in Bangladesh. In their complex in Savar, many different types of disablities are treated and people are helped in recovering their old self and restoring their livelihood. Total Group has always been looking for opportunities to work with such organisation with high moral value and who portray such great social responsibility. Thus , the company has already donated a wheelchair to their foundation and will continue to support the cause of Savar CRP. Total Group is looking forward to learn and walk hand in hand with this esteemed organization.

Total Group promotes Solar Energy

Total Group has always tried to do be at the forefront in introducing green technology at it's workspace. The organization believes that it has a major role to play in promoting green technology in our country.Thus in recent years it has started implementing and using solar panels in its various ventures in an attempt to reduce its dependence on commercially produced electricity.

Total Real Estate and Total Holdings has been installing solar panels in all of its real estate projects in the capital. Quality Can Industries and Total Can and Closer is also looking at ways in which they can implement solar power in the manufacturing wing.