Our History

The year 2000 was the start of a new millennia and it was also the year when Total Group began to expand its wing. In this year Total Group began the production of round metal containers, which till date is still the company's highest selling manufacturing product.

In the year 2003, Total Real Estate handed over their first real estate apartment project in Shiddeswari, Dhaka. This year also resulted in the introduction of square metal containers as part of expansion in Quality Can Industries.

In the year 2006 Total Group welcomed a new member to its portfolio which is Total Holdings. Total Holdings also was a real estate concern for the Total Group. Total Holdings also began by signing numerous land projects around Dhaka.

In the year 2004 Quality Can Industries continued to expand by introducing a landmark product for the company.The company started supplying PP caps to all the major pharmaceutical companies around the country.

Quality Can Industries introduced another important product to its portfolio which was the High Pressurized Cans. In the year 2006, the Company was the only known producer of High Pressure Aerosol Cans in the country.

Total Real Estate had handed over more than 13 apartment projects comprising of nearly 150 apartments in Dhaka City. Quality Can Industries continued to cater to the metal packaging needs of all the large conglomerates in the country.

Total Group year gain decided to spread its wings and introduce Total Can and Closer as one of its concerns. Total can and Closer is the plastic container manufacturing wing of Total Group. Total Can and Closer began its operations by introducing plastic pail containers and PET bottles to the existing product line.

Total Can and Closer introduced further additions to its product line by introducing various different sorts of plastic closures. Quality Can in the same year added a larger size of 18 litre metal container to its product range.